Monday, September 8, 2008

Why is MotorKote better than the other additives

Let’s face the facts this, question goes to the heart of the matter.
Andy Granatelli took a little known product called STP to the Indianapolis 500 and sponsored a racecar called the NOVI. His promotional savvy turned the STP logo decal into a cultural icon and the additive category took off.

MotorKote grew from the creative and tinkering skills of a Michigan PHD.

Lets check off the differences.

• It does not require heat to become active, others do, which does not protect against cold starts as MotorKote does.
• MotorKote works anywhere there is metal-to-metal contact. It has over 100 uses.
• It’s stronger and uses only the best materials and last longer than others, yes it cost more, but not really. Do the math, you might be surprised to find (because it lasts longer) it actually costs less.
• It is not really an additive. MotorKote does not blend with other liquids. It uses them as a carrier host to find metal to bond to. Hence, it does not void warranties or alter SAE ratings. The leading oil stabilizer thickens oil and changes SAE ratings dramatically!
• It is a smooth long molecule that soaks into metal surfaces adding an extra layer of super slippery lubrication with no need to allow for fill space.
• MotorKote contains no solid substrates to clog filters. NO PTFE. NO moly, NO solids- no solids what–so-ever.
• Maybe what is best of all, MotorKote actually works. Once tried, MotorKote makes a believer out of hardcore skeptics. Plus, when other additives are flat or declining in sales, MotorKote is growing. If it does not work, why then the continued success?

Some of the competition makes one or two of these claims, but all of them?
Nothing even comes close to MotorKote.

Until next time keep the shiny side up and the hammer down—Mr. MotorKote


michael said...

I own a small trucking co. and have been using motorkote in all my trucks for 6 years. Three of my n-14’s have over 1 mil. miles on them and the rods & maines were replaced at 900 thousand miles.
I had a driver climbing westbound out of Albuquerque in the summer when he lost his turbo. In all of his wisdom the driver decided to restart the engine at which time the engine started to use the oil as fuel and the engine did not stop running till all the oil was depleted. Long story short the only damage to the engine was a new turbo and charge air cooler this was two years ago the engine is fine. I swear by MotorKote!!!!
It is also cheaper to run than lucas. 30$ per every four oilchanges. I also run it in the Trans.,Diffs.,and Steering.

Warner Carter said...

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OldDawg60 said...

Just drove 6,000+ miles in three weeks, from Wyoming, to PA, Outer Banks of NC, Daytona, Tampa, New Orleans, Amarillo, Denver,Wyoming. My car, a 2002 Buick Park Ave, odometer now showing 153K miles.Car had been using one quart of oil every 3,000 miles.Added 8oz.of Motorkote at oil change, before leaving. Gas mileage jumped from 26 to 28mpg over the three week run. Car engine now so quiet I have to look at tach, to know if car is running. Added one quart of oil after 6,537 miles. This stuff WORKS.